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RTOERO Community Grants – 2024

Aug 10, 2023

2024 RTOERO District Community Grants

RTOERO Community Grants are designed to encourage all RTOERO Districts to support and partner with local organizations to promote projects that will help our organization to meet our strategic goals:

  • to improve the lives of members and seniors;
  • be the trusted voice for the broader education communities;
  • and broaden our membership base.

Since the inception of this grant, RTOERO has donated $1.95 million for 598 projects.

District 30 can submit an application for a Community Grant in partnership with a community organization. Successful Community Grant applicants will receive a grant of up to $4,000. All applications must be submitted through District 30. Keep an eye on this page for updates on the 2024 submission date.

We encourage members to inform us if they know of a community group in our district who will be engaged in a project in 2024 that may meet the criteria.

Visit the RTOERO website at  for more information.